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让混装来得更容易些 Simplify Troublesome Mixed Container Orders

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Just as some friends ask me about mixed containers, our foreign trade peer CK gives a timely hand:

The customer W places orders of low quantity, and he can't even meet our requirement of minimum order quantity (1 HQ), but he was pretty easy to negotiate, and my boss understood that I have been following up with the customer for a long time and the customer assured me that the quality will absolutely go up, so my boss, in order to show support for my job, agreed on taking the order. But after I confirmed this order I realized that the customer wanted us to mix the cargo with other products but we always corporate with brand customers and had never received an order of mixed container before, so this might be a good chance to learn something new.

Mr. W is an agent, and he didn't communicate with his customer and he didn't know so well about our products. So starting with the artwork it took us more time to make modification for him than any other customers, and I needed to make more detailed explanation to him. Since I had received the order, it was my responsibility to follow up with every need of the customer.

It took me great patience to do the initial jobs, and even greater patience to do the job of delivery. I talked about the issues of delivery with Mr. W's assistant, and we were informed that we would need to mix our goods with other two companies' products in a HQ, and we would need to clear the customs respectively. Our three companies had our own familiar customs broker, so we had problems in deciding using which broker and how to share the costs of inland delivery, and we could not solve the problems after three weeks' communication. To finish the order as quickly and smoothly as possible, our company decided to take over the responsibility of customs declaration and arrangement for trailers, and we told the other suppliers that we should pay according to the proportion of our goods. Although our workload and responsibility were increased, the order will be finished more quickly and smoothly and we could control over many other things. I negotiated and came to an agreement of the delivery with the other two suppliers and arranged for the shipment date. Mr. W didn’t participate much in this process. He let me make all the arrangement without worrying about it, and I was so glad to be trusted by the customer.

After loading and customs clearance, the freight forwarder informed us that our container was checked and therefore it caused demurrage charges, which was as expensive as RMB 6000. Mr. W said we should bear the charges together. But our goods had never been checked before, so we asked the customer to provide the documents of the checked goods (the document contained the information of the checked goods). The document showed that the checked products were not ours but another supplier's, so we disagreed to pay with all the reasons and the customer finally agreed on that.

After this experience, I felt like I have grown a lot. Dealing with an order of mixed container, you need to be really careful in the whole process. And now I have a firmer goal: target at the big customers!

It's never easy to get an order, and an order of mixed order will require you to follow up with more jobs. Over CK's experience I would like to give you some tips:

1. Payment. You must negotiate about all the payment beforehand, such as charges for towing, booking containers, customs clearance and docks. If you meet with situation like this article, you will need to pay for charges of changing a vessel, goods checking and demurrage. You need to delimit the responsibilities before deciding to pay for them or not.

2. Customs clearance. You should prepare all the documents needed beforehand and forward them in time.

3. Responsibility division. For example,if you meet with the situation of goods checking mentioned in this article, you should keep the document of the checked goods.

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